CATTI-Level 2 Interpreter

CATTI  China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters was introduced in 2003 by the Ministry of Personnel of the People’s Republic of China and is the most authoritative translation and interpretation proficiency qualification accreditation test in China. CATTI represents the highest standard proficiency by the Chinese Government.

The CATTI organisation CIPG officially states that “by the end of 2008, CATTI had been held 11 times. A total of 80,299 examinees registered for the test, and a total of 12,702 examinees passed the test, of whom 5,410 obtained the Translation and Interpretation Proficiency Qualification Certificate for Level 2 Translator or Interpreter”

This amounts to a 6.7% success rate – an elite group of which we are part of.

As the numbers above show the required skills are much higher and not comparable to those of the general tests used as qualification for studies or working abroad. Viola Lyu has also passed all mandatory ones on the way to her graduation. See them listed below.


Please tell us if you need need to see any of the certificates. We send you everything but just don’t keep it accessable online.

Academic qualification


Beijing Foreign Studies University

Undergraduate: International Journalism and Communication


University of International Business and Economics

Post graduate: Business Interpretation and Translation

In addition to the qualification list above, below are some additional educational milestone successes for Ms. Lyu.

TOEFL (Test of English as foreign language)

TheTOEFL test  was introduced by the Educational Testing Service ETS. ETS is a non profit organisation whos tests are internationally accepted by most universities and globally recognized. Viola Lyu scored 105 out of a possible 120 points which is noted as an exceptional score. TOEFL was one of the key standards prior to the development of the CATTI test.

IELTS ( International English Language Testing System)

IELTS is generally considered one of the most challenging tests beyond those held at the University level. This exams focuses on testing a translator’s capability using both British and American English. IELTS is a 2 part, live practical test held in front a panel of experts. The examination covers both GENERAL and ACADEMIC language skills according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. See below for levels and descriptions. By scoring an impressive 7.5 relatively early in her studies, Lyu demonstrated a natural capability and understanding of the practical application of her working knowledge of the English language.

  • A1 Basic user: 4.0 bis 5.0 Breakthrough or beginner
  • A2 Basic user: 4.0 bis 5.0 Waystage or elementary
  • B1 Independent user: 4.0 bis 5.0 Threshold or intermediate
  • B2 Independent user: 5.0 bis 6.5 Vantage or upper intermediate
  • C1 Proficient user: 7.0 bis 8.0 Effective operational proficiency or advanced
  • C2 Proficient user: 8.0 bis 9.0 Mastery or proficiency

Test for English Majors

This test focuses on English proficiency of undergraduate and postgraduate students in China in English majors. Passing the TEM-4 is a graduation requirement which is usually it is held in the second academic year. TEM-8 (“Band 8”) is the highest level for English major students and takes place in the senior or final year of university.

  • TEM4 equals an active vocabulary of 8.000 words.
  • TEM8 equals an active vocabulary of 13.000 words.

Viola Lyu passed both TEM4 and TEM8 successfully and remains dedicated to her ongoing efforts to increase her working vocabulary.