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A different view on things…

… Is something Giraffes definitely have! This is Girraphic’s motto. Girraphic provides a high level of  graphic and software based solutions for TV all aspects of television production such as commercials, sports shows, social media and more.

Have a look at their  website and see what they are capable to do. You can also find Girraphic’s post on Instagram which is showing Viola Lyu.

Girraphic @ NBA 2017

The partnership between Girraphic and Viola Lyu

More than just about a contract between an interpreter and a client.

In March 2017 Viola Lyu was introduced to the public as full team member of Girraphic:

VIOLA LYU / 吕婷婷 | Head Of Business Development – Beijing 中国区业务总监

Viola, our Head of Business Development in Beijing, first joined the team for Tencent’s NBA project in 2016 and was instrumental in the facilitation of smooth communication between our English speaking designers and Mandarin speaking clients. She is an experienced business interpreter fluent in English, Chinese and German. She holds a bachelor degree in International Journalism and Communication and a masters degree in Business Interpretation and Translation. Having previously worked at several international forums such as the Annual Meeting of World Economic Forum and Winter Driving Events of Mercedes Benz, Girraphic is proud to utilise her skill set in managing our Chinese interests.

Acting as the active link in between the two parties from Australia and China comes with a high level of ongoing responsibilities naturally evolving Lyu a permanent team member. The Girraphic partnership is a prime example of the importance of having an interpreter such as Lyu, who’s abilities extend beyond language. A large and sophisticated project with many different components requires organizational services covering a wide range of needs such as vendors and coordination.


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