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Conferences in China – how not to…

Imagine the following. You are about to close the deal of the year. You traveled to Beijing and booked a meeting room in a beautiful hotel. Everybody came to this conference just to listen to you. This could be the start for a long term business relationship. You have a great feeling since you began talking to Mr Li, the CEO of this company, for over an hour. His chairmen were also there. You were well prepared and even received a long applause after finishing your presentation. The group you are pitching want your start up to be their No. 1 partner and just a few minor details remain to be ironed out before signing the final agreement.   Suddenly, the situation changes. The meeting abruptly comes to an end. People wish you a nice trip home and and moments later, you are on your own.

Your efforts to follow up receive no reply. You try to call Mr. Li directly only to be told by his secretary on several occasions, that The CEO is on a business trip and will not be available these days. What seemed like a deal that was ready to close has come to a grinding halt with no explanation. You’re confused, unable to continue a productive dialogue and unclear where to go from here.

Do you know this situation? Hopefully not.



An upcoming conference? We help you making the deal!

If you want to leave an impression on your Chinese business partners you need a native speaker who understands more than just your words, but also your intentions and their context..An accurate translation is mandatory but that alone is not enough. You need an interpreter with the an understanding of both Western and Chinese cultures to bridge the gaps that often transcend verbal communication. An good interpreter that understands the cultural differences between you and your counterparts is critical to avoiding miscommunication that can often negatively impact business opportunities.

Our focus is equally balanced between literal and cultural translation to ensure the most effective communication.. My partners and I are well trained interpreters who emphasize more than just your words, our goal is to establish true understanding. Find out more about our qualifications.

We can share your message in a way that is easily understood by your partners. Literal translation is also available is required (ie. a political meeting or conversations about urgent medical help). No matter what your intentions are, our goal is to put you in the best position to succeeed.

You can find descriptions of our services on these pages.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

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